Risk Decision

Sperta helps financial services and tech companies automate decisions and manage fraud, credit, and compliance risks.

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More approvals, less risk
Reduce false positives and churn from delayed decisions. Mitigate risk with continuously improving rules and models.
Beautiful user experience
Our intuitive interface enables analysts and ops to write rules with confidence and review cases efficiently.
Secure and compliant
We implemented best-in-class security practices to protect your data. Enjoy peace of mind thanks to our built-in compliance controls.

yet still powerful

If you know SQL, you've already mastered 90% of the Sperta rules engine. Sperta helps you test, rollout, and measure rule changes - all in the browser.

  • Expression language
  • Rule unit test
  • Backtesting
  • Percentage rollout

Data vendors
and models,
plug and play

We partnered with industry leaders in fraud, identity, and credit to save you time on integration. Bring your own models and features too, and centralize decisions in one place.

  • Data vendor integration
  • Model integration
  • Feature discovery
  • Feature transformation
data vendor and model integration

Case management made simple

Are there cases that are too tricky for automated decisioning? Get cases assigned automatically and utilize readily available information to solve cases in a few minutes.

  • Case auto assignment
  • Relevant case context
  • Review quality control
  • Reviewer performance metrics

Our team

Built by the same team that built Uber's rules engine, Mastermind and Google Cloud AI Feature Store.

Our investors

Backed by the same investors who invested early in Uber, Coinbase, LaunchDarkly, and SendGrid.