Risk Decision

Sperta helps financial services and tech companies automate decisions and manage fraud, credit, and compliance risks.

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More approvals, less risk
Reduce false positives and churn from delayed decisions. Mitigate risk with continuously improving workflows and rules.
Empower the
risk team
Write rules with confidence and turn on rules safely without making code changes or waiting for deployment.
Secure and compliant
Your data is secured with SOC 2 protocols. Explain decisions to partners and regulators with point-in-time workflow and rule versions.

Build any decision workflow

Connect nodes to configure dependencies between features, rules, and data sources. Improve the performance of the workflow with advanced testing capabilities.

Workflow versioning
Sanity test

Write powerful rules in the browser

Sperta helps you write, test, and roll out rules in minutes instead of days. Our expression language takes one day to learn and comes with static typing and autocomplete.

  • Expression language
  • Rule versioning
    Coming soon...
  • Shadow testing
    Coming soon...
  • Percentage rollout
    Coming soon...

Easily discover and transform features

Sperta helps you find the right features to use in rules. Create feature transformations to reuse logic, output values, and build allow/block lists.

  • Feature discovery
  • Feature transformation
  • Output features
  • Allow/Block list

Data vendors and models, plug and play

We partnered with industry leaders in fraud, credit, and compliance to save you time on integration. Bring your own models too, and turn probabilities into decisions.

  • Data vendor integration
  • Vendor cost optimization
  • Latency optimization
    Coming soon...
  • Model integration
    Coming soon...

Our team

Built by the team that built Uber's rules engine, Mastermind and Google Cloud AI Feature Store.

Our investors

Backed by the same investors who invested early in Uber, Coinbase, LaunchDarkly, and SendGrid.